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3 in 1 honey extraction device with tent, 4-frame tangential extractor, manual drive, uncapping table and strainer


Tangential 4-frame honey extractor, manual drive, with uncapping table and a vertical strainer (rectangular), on wheels, with tent (tent dimensions: 2,8 x 3,3 x 2,2 m)

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Data sheet

Product line CLASSIC
Type of extractor tangential 4-frame
Frame type Universal
Drive system manual
Drum thickness 0,6 mm
Honey gate Stainless 5/4"
Top bar Flat bar 60x10mm powder coated
Cover Acrylic glass, 3 mm
Legs Powder coated
Hinges Plastic 4pcs
Mesh size 20×20 mm
Basket mount Tarnamid sleeve
Other Pallet shippment
Warranty 5 years*

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This combo integrates three separate devices into a single unit.

Honey extractor, uncapping table with frame support rack and vertical strainer with a set of perforated stainless steel sieves. The device's biggest advantage over the 3 separate devices is its compact size and therefore less space taken by the equipment in the apiary workshop. Another advantage is, its portability. Thanks to wheels and demountable tent beekeeper can take the device wherever his hives are and process the frames on site.