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Stół do odsklepiania z odsklepiarką ze ślizgami 230V, z wytwornicą pary, na stelażu - Minima Line View larger

Uncapping table with uncapper, 230V slides, with a steam generator, on a frame - Minima Line


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You can be sure that the use of professional uncapping tables on a rack can realistically improve work in your apiary. Thanks to our solutions, you will increase the pace of work, obtain a high degree of their efficiency - while maintaining the quality of honey produced at the highest level. You will also save energy and time for your entire beekeeping staff. The proposed uncapper on a rack is one of the many innovative devices manufactured by the LYSON company. We are a global supplier of professional equipment for beekeepers. In the case of the following offer, you have several options of the described product at your disposal, and they are: an uncapping table with an option with slides or a chain feeder. The second variable characteristic is the option of a steam generator or a closed circuit - they are available to choose from depending on your specific apiary needs. Uncapping tables are made of the highest quality stainless steel. It is fully resistant to acids and does not chemically react with honey. Our devices are also equipped with a drive with an engine speed of 1,400 rpm. The essence of the device is the effective uncapping of the frames, thanks to special knives that cut the top layer of wax on the basis of smooth movements. This uncapping table is a functional and innovative device that allows for efficient and quick operation. For many years, we have been ensuring that the devices introduced to LYSON's offer meet the highest industry standards. It is possible thanks to the experienced construction staff, developing new modern solutions produced by our company.

If you buy other apiary equipment, remember that as a leader in the beekeeping industry, we provide additional tools, equipment, accessories and even beekeeping clothing to facilitate the running of any type of apiary. Check our offer and use the most modern devices in your apiary today. We encourage you to pay attention to the products complementing the above product. We provide an excellent selection of large-capacity honey decanters, honey extractors, brushes and chisels. Professional beekeeping clothing from LYSON will protect you and your employees in dealing with bees - increasing the comfort of everyday work. If you have any additional questions, please contact the LYSON professional sales department. Use the latest solutions - trust our experience.


Uncapping machine supporting structure: acid-proof stainless steel

Uncapping drive:

- power supply - 230V

- engine - 0.25 kW

- engine speed - 1,400 rpm


OPTION 1 - Heater the knives: closed circuit consists of:

- stainless steel tank with a heater

- lines supplying liquid to the knives

- control box

- dimensions: 420 x 500 x 390 mm

- power supply: 230 V

- heating power: 2000 W

- weight: 8 kg


OPTION 2 - Heater the knives: the steam generator consists of:

- tank with a heater

- hoses feeding steam to the knives

- the condensate tank

- dimensions: 290 x 260 x 230 mm

- power supply: 230 V

- heating power: 1850 - 2200 W

- weight: 2.5 kg


Uncapping machine dimensions with shoes:

- length - 600 mm

- width - 920 mm

- height - 700 mm

- weight - 57 kg


Dimensions of uncapper with chain feeder:

- length - 800 mm

- width - 920 mm

- height - 700 mm

- weight - 57 kg


Frame construction:

- acid-resistant stainless steel

frame dimensions:

 length - 1 570 mm

- width - 615 mm

- height - 1130 mm

- weight - 47 kg

Total weight:

- 104 kg + 8 kg closed circuit

- 104 kg + steam generator 2.5 kg


Overall dimensions:

- table with slides: length 1800, width 900, height 1830 mm

- table with chain feeder: length 2000, width 900, height 1830 mm

Uncapping machine capacity: 4 to 6 frames per minute

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