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A beekeeping scales with a Bluetooth interface will allow you to control the losses and losses of honey in the hives. 

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The latest LYSON products fit perfectly into the contemporary line of innovative solutions currently used in the beekeeping industry. As pioneers, we focus on the most optimal and modern constructions. Our design department cares about the highest quality of the developed devices. This is also the case with a beekeeping scales with Bluetooth functionality. Using the above technology, we make it easier for you to operate the apiary more effectively and increase its productivity. Current modern technologies are also associated with the entry of young generations of beekeepers into apiaries. They very often appreciate intuitive solutions, confirming the legitimacy of their introduction to industry solutions. Thanks to our structures, we connect generations, making modern apiaries fully family-run, multi-generational activities.

A beekeeping scales with a Bluetooth interface will allow you to control the losses and losses of honey in the hives. Thanks to a quick condition check, we can draw appropriate conclusions and take the most crucial steps regarding the situation in the apiary. All we need is to be within the range of the Bluetooth link of the module placed in the balance. Thanks to this, we will find out what the actual food consumption of bees is and what is happening inside our hives. We made a scale with the code W3120_OB with a Bluetooth interface made of galvanized steel, ensuring its long-term use and resistance to weather conditions. Thanks to the use of battery power, we can minimize the use of cables supplying the balance with electricity, we are not dependent on their length. Using a battery with a longer life in this case will allow the scale to function for up to 4 months or more. The results of measurements of the current state of hives can be read on the Smartphone screen, thanks to the use of a special dedicated application. The scale itself does not require any configuration or subscription. The application used (for Android and IOS) is completely free. The measuring range of the scale is as much as 150 kilograms - while the measurement changes are updated every 10 g. The operating range of the scale depends on the sensitivity of the phone and field conditions. The scale is a product in full development, which means that in the future we will be able to integrate it with the currently developed intelligent apiary system. The above advantages are complemented by the low structure of the scale - thanks to this, the device is practically invisible to outsiders. Use the latest LYSON technical solutions, while increasing the productivity and efficiency of your apiary.


Technical data and product advantages:

- scale made of galvanized steel

- measuring range up to 150 kg (measurement increment every 10g)

- battery operation (6 x AA), working time on batteries approx. 4 months

- communication via Bluetooth (transmission range up to 30m *)

- measurement results read on the Smartphone screen through a dedicated application

- free applications for Android and IOS

- scale without subscription, no configuration required

- in the future, the scale will be able to be integrated with the developed system of intelligent apiary

- the real operating range depends on the terrain conditions and the sensitivity of the receiver (telephone)

- weight dimensions: 490 x 450 x 80 mm

- package dimensions: 505 x 505 x 105 mm

- gross weight: 7 kg