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Plastic bottom board Wielkopolska / Ostrowska with pollen catching function


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Width: 44cm
Length: 43cm
Height 8cm
Weight: 2,28kg

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bez kodu pocztowego

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Multi-functional hygienic plastic bottom board with a pollen catching function. 

The bottom board  enables the maintenance of hygiene in the hive at a very high level and enables the control of the colony infestation with Varroa destructor. Additionally, it is equipped with the option of catching pollen. All this falls on the mounted tray (drawer) at the bottom of the bottom board. In the front wall of the bottom there is an outlet opening, the size of which is regulated by a plastic insert. On the bottom side of the bottom board, there are flat feet made of hard plastic, which protect the bottom board from damage during transport. After dismantling all additional elements, it acts as a hygienic bottom.

The bottom consists of:

  1. Inlet plug with a latch (1.pc.);
  2. Connection bar (1 pc.);
  3. Legs (4 pcs.);
  4. Additional security flaps (2 pcs);
  5. Mobile flap to regulate the movement of bees (1 pc.);
  6. Exit for drones (2 pcs.);
  7. Bars to strengthen the tray.


Width: 44cm
Length: 43cm
Height 8cm
Weight: 2,27kg

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