Apimondia 2019 - we have medals

Apimondia is the International Federation of National Beekeeping Associations, associating 81 national beekeeping associations of the world (2017), based in Rome. The organization was founded in the late nineteenth century, and its first Congress took place in Brussels 122 years ago, in 1897. Apimondia's International Beekeeping Congresses are held every two years - according to the principle that every second congress is organized in Europe and the rest in a different part of the world.

As part of Apimondia, there are 7 standing committees working in the field of : beekeeping economics, bee biology, bee health, pollination and honey flora, beekeeping technology, apitherapy, beekeeping as a road to rural development. Polish people also contribute to the development of Apimondia. Its honorary member is a Pole, prof. Jerzy Woyke, who developed, among others method of artificial insemination of bee mother, he conducted research on bee’s colorful eye mutations and also studied the history of Polish beekeeping. Older beekeepers remember the Apimondia organized in 1987 in Warsaw, which hosted the XXXI Congress, hosting over 2500 participants from 47 countries.

The current 46th International Beekeeping Congress took place in Canada, which for the third time in its history was the organizer of this largest prestigious event in the field of beekeeping, thus promoting the idea of sustainable development on Earth. To achieve this, from 8 to 12 September 2019, 6000 participants from 80 countries met in Montreal under the slogan: "Beekeeping together within agriculture" (Beekeeping as an integral part of agriculture). Poland was represented by a committee consisting of such prominent representatives of the world of science as dr hab. Małgorzata Bieńkowska, prof. Jerzy Wilde and prof. Zbigniew Kołtowski, the world of industry, whose largest representative is the Lyson Company, Adamek, Sądecki Bartnik, the Polish Beekeeping Association, the Association of Professional Beekeepers.

Forty-eight seminars, as well as discussions and meetings of representatives of the world of science and business and beekeeping enthusiasts, focused on the promotion of scientific, technical as well as ecological and economic progress in the field of beekeeping in all countries of the world. This year's the most interesting subject of the congress include: development of genomics in beekeeping, the impact of pesticides on bees, pollinator protection, non-treatment beekeeping, detection and prevention of honey counterfeiting, acquisition and protection of flower and forest areas in bee farming, prevention of allergies and the use of bee venom, the impact of bees on urban communities as well as beekeeping in the face of new challenges. In addition, the congress organizers paid special attention to increasing innovation in beekeeping, both in the technical sphere and in the scientific and research sphere, which will reduce the negative impact of agriculture on beekeeping economies, optimize the processes of production and sale of honey, and increase the importance of apitherapy as a modern medicine tool , not just an alternative, in the fight against civilization diseases of the 21st century.

Parallel to the Congress, the apiculture fair was also held: ApiExpo 2019 where 264 companies from around the world presented their equipment and beekeeping products on an area of as much as 4401 m2. Of course, the formula of the ApiExpo 2019 fair provides for the selection of WBA winners - the World Beeking Awards (World Beekeeping Award). As in previous years, Lyson Company has been appreciated again and won succeeding four medals. Three additional medals were won by the neighboring and cooperating publisher Pasieka.

In the field of innovation, our company has won a gold medal for honey extractor, which is adapted to support people with disabilities in a sitting position. For years we have known the works of an remarkable artist, who is prof. Stansiław Brach from Academy of Fine Arts, who creates sculptures referring to beekeeping, mainly from ceramics. His work received another gold medal this year.

This year, the film was made, recorded in Greece on the Athos Peninsula with the participation of Jacek Wojciechowski, who took us to the local beekeeping world. The film won a gold medal. Soon it will be available on the Internet (it will be available at www.lyson.com.pl). The Lyson company can also boast of natural cosmetics with the addition of bee products, which have been awarded with a bronze medal.

Pasieka Publisher has been awarded a gold medal for the Pasieka24 mobile application, which is used to conveniently read the magazine and books of this publishing house on telephones, smartphones and tablets. In addition, the application is a huge knowledge base and is enriched with many additional content, such as news from the beekeeping world. Two bronze medals went to the publisher for the book "365 facts about bees" and a collection of labels. As seen, it was very fruitful Apimodia Congress for Lyson Company and our neighbors.

Finally, two information are needed to additional information the above presentation. The first one is the answer to the question: Where will Apimondia be held in 2021? And who is the president of Apimondia. As agreed by the International Federation of National Beekeeping Associations, the next Apimondia will be held in Russia in Ufa in 2021, and Dr. Jeff Pettis is the new president.

Kacper Łaskarzewski