That was a wonderful visit


It was an exciting visit. Between 9 and 11 July 2019, we had the opportunity to host Mrs Anita Long and Laura McDowell of Tasmanian Junior Beekeepers. It is a thriving organization in Tasmania and in Australia that promotes beekeeping among children and teenagers.

About the visit

Anita and Laura participated in this year's IMYB 2019 (in Slovakia) and decided to visit the Lyson Company on this occasion. We had the opportunity to show our headquarther, Apilandia, Lyson products. Together, we were also at the apiary to present to our guests how beekeeping looks like in Poland. Anita gave us manuka honey and fantastic honey from leatherwood (real Tasmanian treasure).

Was great

We thank to our guests for the visit. For details of the visit, please see our Facebook profile: