This section contains interesting information about both bees and our company. You can download our “Beekeeping Chronicle”, instructions for using our devices, our catalogs, and videos about our products and with beekeeping advice.


We publish a catalog of our products and beekeeping equipment several times a year. It is available from our company headquarters, distributors, and at beekeeping fairs. You can download it or order a printed version for your home free of charge. The catalog highlights new products and our current promotions, and lists the remaining product range. You can easily compare products such as the available lines of honey extractors or hive types and choose the correct equipment for yourself.

“Beekeeping Chronicle”

This is a free bulletin of around 20 pages, published twice a year by our company. The content primarily focusses on our company’s activities. We share information on events related to the life of our company, describe travels by our staff, and present the diverse customs of beekeeping worldwide. We also post interviews, reports and interesting facts and reveal some of our projects by going behind the scenes. Moreover, the “Beekeeping Chronicle” includes a calendar of beekeeping events we participate in, both nationwide and global. Through “Beekeeping Chronicle”, you can get to know us better.

Glossary of beekeeping concepts

Our activity is international—and even intercontinental. We strive to reach everywhere bees live. Our partners and clients live in different parts of the world and speak different languages, but we do not see this as a barrier because we share a common passion. However, using the professional vocabulary allows for a better understanding and deepening of knowledge and helps with Internet searches, etc. This will help you become familiar with beekeeping terms translated into foreign languages. We know how hard it is to look these up in dictionaries, so we have created a tab for this on our website. Now your hobby can have no limits.


Łysoń TV is a series of videos available on our YouTube channel, showcasing the company and our products, such as honey extractor lines, styrofoam beehives, beehive scales or beekeeping clothing. The videos and voiceovers provide clearer explanations of the products than the catalog pictures. For example, you can see how honey extractors work or watch the spring review of bee colonies in our styrofoam hives. We also have a series of videos entitled “Novice Beekeeper" for beekeeping beginners.


The manual is the primary source of information on the correct use of the device. Although it is attached to the equipment you have purchased, you can download and print it whenever you need another copy. Please remember that if you have an issue using our device, you can always contact us for help.

Glossary of beekeeping terms

Beekeeping language seems complicated, and the words used in the business can be hard to understand, even in one’s native language. What is the difference between a package and a nucleus and what is a comb foundation or a slatted rack? Those are just a few examples of the difficulties encountered by beekeeping beginners. Everything will seem more understandable once you’ve become familiar with beekeeping terms. We have gathered the most frequently used terms and phrases that may prove difficult at the beginning of your beekeeping path. Have fun reading!