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Cedarwood essential oil 10 ml


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Cedarwood essential oil has anti-seborrhoea, antidepressant, antiseptic, tonic effects. It also supports the treatment of acne and dandruff and soothes upper respiratory tract infections. It has a balsamic, wood and resin smell.

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Fun that never gets boring

Self-made soap is always a reason to be happy and proud. It is a perfect solution for spending free time with your closest ones. Fill the mould with a special base of goat's milk or shea butter and let your creative imagination run wild. Add marigold petals or lavender. Add beeswax. Tint the soap in your favourite colour. Can't decide which one to choose? No problem! Create a multi-coloured composition and your creative soap will become the highlight of any bathroom. And finally, what we love most about our soap play. Fragrance! Choose an essential oil and give your soap a unique character.


Have fun with fragrances!

With natural essential oils, you can add your own fragrance to your handmade Bee&Soap soaps. Placed in a dark glass bottle fragrance concentrate, gives cosmetics intense aroma.

Thanks to the dropper attached to the packaging, the way of applying the oil is convenient and aesthetic. The oil is also perfect for home aromatherapy, and when added directly to the bath, it will give it additional care properties. A wide range of additives for cosmetics of the hand-made type makes each of the hand-made soaps exceptional and unique, and creative fun has no end!

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