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A carrier for 6 jars not only facilitates the transport of the collected honey, but also guarantees safe delivery.

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bez kodu pocztowego

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Made of high-quality plastic, it is a solid protection of the transported products and comfort of use at the same time. Carrier has a durable handle which significantly facilitates the transport of 6 full jars. If necessary, the handle can be easily detached from the base, which additionally makes it easier to store filled punnets. Thanks to the deep slots, the jars are fully secured against accidental falling out. Each of the pockets maintains a safe distance between the glaze, so we do not have to worry that the walls of the jars will bump against each other during the journey. The carrier houses jars with a maximum diameter of 90mm (330-900ml), which allows you to transport almost 6 litres of honey at the same time. The plastic carrier for jars is the perfect solution for every honey lover and not only! Thanks to a special carrier for jars, you can transport not only bee products without unnecessary surprises... but also deliver home delicacies from your mother and grandmother safely to your destination.

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