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Honey extractor Ø500mm, 4-frame, manual drive, MINIMA


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Tangential honey extractor, Ø500mm, 4-frame, manual drive, Langstroth, MINIMA LINE. Packed in carton, self-assembly.

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Data sheet

product line MINIMA
Type of extractor Tangential honey extractors, 4-frame
Frame type Wielkopolska, Langstroth, American Langstroth
Drum diameter[mm] Ø500
Drive system manual
Sheet thickness 0,6 mm
Cover 3 mm
Honey gate Plastic 6/4”
Top bar Flat bar 10 mm, powder coated
Legs Short, powder coated
Hinges Plastic 4 szt.
Mesh size 20×20 mm
Basket mount Tarnamid sleeve
Drum height 610 mm
Other For self-assembly (shipped in carton)
Warranty 2 years
* Warranty for electrical components, controller, motor and drive elements - 2 years

More info

Advantages of a 4-frames Tagidental Honey extractor Minima Line wielkopolska / Langstroth:

- it contains 4 large Polish or Langstroth frames

- light and handy (the diameter of the drum measures only 50 cm)

- very easy to use

- it does not require access to electricity

- manual drive with brakes

- quiet work

- transparent, secure cover

- funnel-shaped bottom

- legs and horizontal bar reinforced powder coated

- meets sanitary and hygienic requirements

- the construction of the basket protects the plasters from breakage

- a set of keys necessary for assembly

- spare parts are easily accessible, e.g. valves

- low price

- made in Poland

Honey extractor intended for self-assembly.

The 4-frames Honey extractor i from the series Minima Line is the basic version of the device used for centrifuging honey from honeycombs, in this version it is equipped with a manual drive with a brake. Honey extractor is quiet while working, and the drive is very easy to set in motion and stop if necessary.

The small dimensions of the device make it easy to move them and place them in the room used to extract the honey.

All Tagidental honey extractors, regardless of the manufacturer, require rotating the frames to spin the honey on both sides of the patch. However, their design has a huge advantage - it protects the slices from breaking off, thanks to which it is particularly recommended for spinning thick honeys. Also forgive the lack of experience during the first honeybouts.

The bottom has been profiled to force the honey to flow down quickly to the drain valve. As a result, honey extraction and washing of honey extractors will become more effective.

All elements of honey extractors in contact with honey were made of safe materials approved for the production of this type of equipment.